handcrafted talismans

est. 2015




Aloha, I go by Kulani Jane; and I am here to share my medicine and gifts with you~ Here we offer handcrafted metaphysical talismans designed with intention and affirmation guided towards inner healing. I also distribute high potency superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and organic skincare from Live Ultimate that is designed to nourish and revitalize our body from the inside out; and outside in. 


KnotzNLocs is a organically grown shop that is based out of Frankfort, IL. I've recently returned back to my hometown to reground and recenter. This chapter of my life will be focused on personal healing and wellbeing. I am grateful for the intense shifts I am transitioning into, and am open for what's next for me. I thank everyone who has been here with me on this journey, it truly is a blessing to be received by this loving community!

These sacred objects aim to reconnect us to our truest & highest self, inspire new transformations within our spiritual unfoldment, and bring us back into the present moment with conscious awareness.


I am inspired to bring forth my creations in a manner that is aimed to help us grow as a collective species and aid in our journey to look within and bridge our mind body and soul to reach balance.


These knotty amulets can be used as wonderful meditation tools to assist you on your journey inward! 

Connected through Creation


I create intentional healing amulets from my heart that are specifically designed with mantras and words of affirmation guided towards self discovery and support~

I truly hope you find the medicine that is right for you at this point in your journey.

looking to collaborate? Email KnotzNLocs@gmail.com with your name, Instagram username and example of your designs for an opportunity to weave together !

Wishing joy and abundance in your path.

Upon receiving...

Hold onto your crystal talisman and breathe deep with conscious intent, connect and feel the energy within your amulet and allow tranquility to pass through and around you.


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