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Greetings ! My name is Mycelia Jane!

KnotzNLocs is a woman owned small business

with a focus and mission rooted in the ancient art of crafting talismans for healing purposes that support us in finding a deeper and nourishing connection to our heart, mind, and spirit. You can explore my designs here! I am a transformational wellness mentor and health guide, graduating from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am dedicated to working with individuals to promote lasting lifestyle shifts, promote a sense of radical embodiment and encourage loving awareness within ones life. I offer both 3 and 6 month containers and offer free 45 minute consultations here for those who are curious and wish to learn more.

Rooted in Lemont, IL; my partner and myself are dedicated to hosting community events and gatherings to promote and encourage connection and togetherness. We call these monthly opportunities 'Kickbacks' and utilize our home, The Mercurium to hold the space. These events highlight musical entertainment and handcrafted refreshments. I am a therapeutic sound practitioner and my partner is a musician; together we curate soundscapes and vibrational wellness spaces to share with out growing community. in addition, I am a self made barista and potion priestess, and within these gatherings, I offer high quality drinks to share. 

If you feel called to be involved, we invite you to check out upcoming events here!

Connected through Creation


Established in 2015; KnotzNLocs has evolved greatly through the years- shifting into a more sacred, intentional, and ceremonial approach to talismanic healing. Amulets and talismans have been utilized in human history for ages upon ages, our ancestors knew the power of intentionally crafted amulets and charms; and we see the art of talisman making continue today.

Today KnotzNLocs expands into home decor so you may drape your space of dwelling with protective and stunning pieces that hold the space and offer radiant, positive energy.

Intention and receptivity are key components to accessing the wisdom and unlocking the codes from within. With respect and reverence; I ask that you make an effort to get to know your amulet. Through ceremony, prayer, gratitude, by asking questions, and creating dialogue with your talisman; you may establish a bond/connection with your beloved adornment and find deeper nourishment through your journey with its support.

Crystals especially carry unique & powerful vibrations that when we are open to it; can work with their energies to support our visions, mission, and quest on this life path. If you are closed off, skeptical, shut down or overly analytical about the energies that are carried through gemstones; they will not reach you. You must soften, relax, open and trust your inner guidance while working with the metaphysics of stones and their properties.


The art of crafting intentional talismanic adornments and home decor is the foundation of KnotzNLocs. Ive received literally hundreds of accounts and feedback from people all across the globe who have tapped into the frequencies that are encoded within KnotzNLocs amulets and talismans. this power and potential is here for you too.

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