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The Full Story

My Heart Welcomes You

Talismans, Mushrooms, crystals, alchemy & traveling... How did i get here?

My Journey & a  bit about me

Greetings and welcome to my world. My name is Mycelia Jane and I am the creator of KnotzNLocs. I wear many hats and spin many plates in this lifetime, here I will attempt to share who I am, what I do and why I do it. 

What started as an arts and crafts project in 2015 swiftly transformed into a successful art career and creative movement. I specialize in designing original and one of a kind beaded talismans, intentional adornments and alchemical charms; since 2015; my work has been admired globally and has been a source of light for thousands. I infuse the power of prayer and healing intention into the fibers and gems to create visually stunning and high vibrational wearable art. Visit my shoppe here to see what is currently available. Each and every creation I design is unique and one of a kind. I specialize in customized talismans and if you feel called to something made special for you or a loved one, you may reach out at to put your request into motion. 

I have been passionately sharing my handcrafted designs for over 7 years, my craft has given me opportunity to travel freely and connect with so many wonderful people throughout the years. While living nomadically, I've discovered much about myself, my values, my interests and what lights my fire. I found a love for organic farming and permaculture and spent many months of my life working on numerous homesteads around the country. This way of life shifted everything I thought I knew and opened me up to a world of clean food, ethical farming, sustainable living and community involvement. Traveling has been a major element of my life and contributing factor of who I am today.

Potions, Community & Connection

I am currently located in the historical small town of Lemont, IL where I am rooting down and building community with my beloved partner. Here we have our focus in curating unique gatherings and private events that are centralized in providing a space where authentic connection is possible and encouraged. Our place of gathering is named The Mercurium, and our events feature original music and fine crafted elixirs and potions designed for wellness and health. Since COVID; I became particularly interested in the medicinal value of gourmet mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail etc and was inspired to include these potent fungal allies into my daily routine to support my immune system, increase my cognitive function and provide natural energy. The past few years I've become incredibly passionate about designing wellness potions and handcrafted elixirs that include the healing benefits of medicinal mushrooms. My personal and daily wellness ritual has included a delicious and highly medicinal mushroom beverage every single day for the past couple of years now. For me; potions are more than just a tasty beverage, but it is a craft, a journey, a mediative practice. It was in September of 2021 when I received the divine download to bring my ritual to my community and create an environment where others can enjoy the experience of an intentional elixirs too. Since that point, I've included and invited my beloved partner and collaborator to join me on this mission of brining people together in an intentional way in a non-alcoholic atmosphere. Every month, once a month we've opened our doors and hearts to welcome those who feel the calling and pull to be part of something bigger, to meet their people, to find their tribe. Our gatherings have been known as "kickback & connects"- each month I create and design a brand new potion menu crafted from the finest herbal ingredients and earth medicines to inspire connection, encourage creativity, and elevate & activate the human spirit. We offer unique forms of entertainment each month as well, such as live music, poetry circles, guest hosts, unique activities, sound healing journeys and much more. Please visit our events page to learn more and check in about the next gathering! We look forward to kicking back with you soon! If you are not local to Chicagoland area but wish to be involved in the potion play- please stay tuned; I am currently working on my first ever potion and spell book and DIY potion powder sets to empower your own beverage ritual at home!

Holistic Wellness and Integrative health

I am an integrative wellness practitioner and spiritual alchemist who is focused on supporting people through a transformational journey towards wholeness and inner connection. I assist and cultivate a space that inspires radical honesty, truth, authenticity and accountability. Through a whole-istic lens, I support clients in recognizing the various themes and levels of their life and how they are impacted. We learn to trace their past and better understand how their childhood has influenced their present day reality. What conditionings and beliefs systems have been adopted through their life experience and how this has impacted their coping mechanisms, survival instincts, conflict resolution, communication skills and present day habits. We develop acceptance skills and truly face ourselves and how we operate and function today. Through acceptance we learn compassion and self forgiveness. We create space for ourselves to Be, to feel and to process our emotions in a healthy way. Through tracing and facing, we are led to embracing. We come to celebrate all of our human experiences and learn to welcome all parts of ourselves back into wholeness. We learn to develop a safe inner relationship with ourselves so that we can regulate and celebrate the fullness of our process. I infuse a multitude of alternative healing modalities to help move energy, including breath work, mediations, somatic release, vibrational/sound healing and more. My main target and focus is to remind people that they are capable of desired change, that health and wellness isn't a one size fits all, that transformation is possible and attainable. My purpose is to support people in remembering their magic, rediscovering themselves in a whole new light, and inner-standing that THEY are the healer, THEY are the alchemist. 

Driven By a Greater Purpose

This sense of responsibility feels bone deep. I feel It is my purpose to use my personal experience of transformation to support and uplift others in remembering their greatness. I believe as a society, we’ve been fooled. We’ve been led astray. I feel that I witness so many people struggle and find themselves lost and confused with who they are, and what their own purpose is. I see how difficult it is for people to connect with themselves in an authentic way. We are bombarded with advertisements, poisoned food, unrealistic standards and problematic influences that block our vision, destroy our innocence and cloud our judgments. On my wellness journey through the past decade I have made advancements in my own personal transformative experience that has freed me from the bars of societal prison. I’ve gained sound information and resources along my way that have helped me tap into my unlimited potential. I am passionate about working with others so that they remember theirs too. I am someone who truly believes I have come to earth with the mission and assignment to contribute to the growth of consciousness in humanity. Through my life I influence a deeper sense of intention, alchemy and purpose, and I believe this is a valuable asset to share with clients in their own life. I mentor  others because I believe in humanity. I believe it's possible to break through our conditionings, our patterns and our systems to unlock liberation, purpose and personal truth. We aren't meant to do this work on our own, we are villagers, members of a pack, community people. We are designed to lean on one another for support and help. It is my position to be a responsible, truthful, clear pillar of accountability and guidance to those who have been lost in their own darkness. When people clear out their life of things, people, foods and experiences that drain them, they gain energy and motivation. When people recognize how their past affects their present, they gain compassion. When people learn their true wants and needs, they learn boundaries and communication techniques. When people learn to embrace who they are right now, they learn love. When people find clarity, they remember their purpose. When people remember their purpose, they influence the people around them. When they influence the people around them, we create a butterfly effect and grow together to create a more nourished, sustainable and healthy planet. This work is important. This work is essential for the growth of human kind and all beings we share space with in this world. Through my 1:1 mentorship container, Gnosis ~ we cover and explore the many facets that make you, You ! I offer free 45 minute consultations here to understand if we are a magnetic match! I look forward to connecting with you!

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