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The Mercurium

Lemont, IL

Welcome to The Mercurium! Located in Lemont, IL; we are community members on a mission to bring people together in conscious and intentional ways. These are unique spaces which hold opportunity for individuals to join and embrace their authentic self in the presence of others. A space to be heard, seen, validated and empathized with through various forms of connection and experience. Major themes of these gatherings are entertainment through musical performances, handcrafted elixirs for the mind, body and spirit, and various connection exercises to deepen bonds with community members. These gatherings have proved to be incredible resources for the people who feel most called to attending.

we’ve witnessed the bravery of an anxious heart
the vulnerability of a deep share with others actively listening with presence
the laugh of two soulmates reconnecting in this lifetime and remembering their eternal friendship
the spark of curiosity in receiving a new perspective
the willingness to get out of a comfort zone
the closeness felt after an eye gazing workshop
the delight of a well brewed potion

Every group is different, always with some fresh faces, always with familiar aswell- kickbacks are simply a wholesome experience if you’re one that seeks a nourishing balance between a party setting and a formal ceremony. We always seek to find that sweet balance between keeping it upbeat and funky, aswell as sacred, conscious and loosely guided. We look forward to you joining us!


  • Kickback and Connect - New Years Regailia
    Sat, Apr 01
    Aprils Kickback calls in the archetype of the Fool. This evening will involve gaining understanding of the true meaning of Aprils fools day with Mad King Keaton- our guest host! Aprils kickback will highlight our royal nature, activate our inner child, and embrace our sovereign nature and freedom.
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