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Sweet Expression

customer reviews...

"Oh my sweet Celia,

the moment you came into my life you brought PURE joy, creativity, love & happiness. Your art is an extension of you & that is one of my FAVORITE things about you. You put your absolute everything into your work & we as your customers, and friends love and appreciate that more than you know. Not many people make the efforts that you do to please your people. And I just love you endlessly my sweet sweet sweet beanie. Can’t wait to be here to watch you and your creations evolve even more! Forever loyal to my nugget. "

~Leina'Ala Plekavic


"dear knotzy,

First of all. You are magik. Your soul is constantly burning with creativity and you INSPIRE me! Second, your talismans are a gift of God made by your hands to z universe. Your art is not only amazing quality but also so beautiful. I tell everyone about you and to follow you on insta because you deserve the recognition and love for your products. I can’t wait to add to my collection of your talismans bc the one i have right now is my favorite piece of jewelry to date, and knowing it has your love in it makes it that much more special. Thank u- keep doing u. Have a beautiful day honey 🌟"

~Dominika Szybinski

"I absolutely love everything she creates! She creates everything with such a passion and it shows in her pieces. I am always satisfied with whatever I purchase from Knotznlocs. Such stunning, breathtaking pieces!"

~Katie McGrath

"The best way to describe any experience I have had with knotznlocs is pure and heartfelt. Celia has every time proven that she not only wears her heart on her sleeve with every piece she creates, she also shows a passion and dedication with her work that makes me come back every time. She works patiently with what you want in your piece, and is more than understand and willing to put in the effort if it seems a little bit odd or crazy. Celia takes something as a rock and turns it into a unique, one of a kind piece of artwork for you and you only. She is down to earth, easy to talk to, and always blows me away with any expectations per piece. The love and passion with each knot and tie that she adds into every piece comes through at the end with the beautiful, one of a kind, talisman/hempwrap. I countless thank my stars and the gods every day for Instagram for crossing my paths with this wonderful shop and even more amazing goddess."

~Rachel McLaughli