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everyone has a story

This is mine

We all come from somewhere

Welcome, I am known as Mycelia Jane. I am 25 years old with Polish and Slovenian roots. I grew up in Frankfort, IL, 45 minutes south of the city of Chicago. I was raised in a standard American home, living the standard American life and eating the standard American diet. Processed foods, mainstream media, alcohol and cigarettes were normalized and I enjoyed an average childhood in the suburbs, playing wiffelball with the neighbors, finding joy in decorating my room, and figuring out who and what I was. I grew up in a very relaxed, non-religious home and although I had freedom to explore what I desired, there was a subtle underlying energy of disconnect that haunted my mind. I felt removed from what I was eating, not knowing where my food was coming from. The constant murmur of the daily news projected the suffering of the world brought worry and fear into my heart. The concept of God was not a topic of connection or conversation, leaving a mysterious void in the place of something holy. The exposure to excessive alcohol consumption separated my loved ones from me. I began to see the world as disconnected, broken and unfair. I craved meaning, depth and purpose but didn’t know how or where to look. I began exploring and set out with the intention of finding value in the mundane. The past 10 years of my life have been that journey of discovery. I searched for purpose and connection in nature, in travel, through psychedelics, I searched for purpose through farming, in isolation, through nutrition, with art, and while exploring community. Along my journey I’ve discovered many truths that brought me closer and closer to a lifestyle that supported my desire and birthright to feel connected, valued and celebrated. I came to understand my mind in deeper ways and found focus in self development. The past several years have been devoted to wellness and healing though holistic medicine, creative endeavors and self realization.

Truth led me into the heart of my pain. I learned that the pain in my heart, the wounds of disconnection, the sting of resentment and the shadows of disappointment had much wisdom to share. After years of fighting and avoiding these feelings and attempting to banish them all together, I came to finally accept them and relax in their presence. I began to witness how my fears, insecurities and defeats were some of my greatest teachers and began moving differently with the darkness. I learned how to dance with my demons. This was a radical act of self acceptance that birthed a whole new expression of my life. I made space for the entirety of my experience, invited the dark guests a seat at my table and got real curious of what these teachers had to share with me. Acceptance. Acceptance set me free and brought me to another sacred teacher: personal accountability. Personal accountably gave me the opportunity to take responsibltiy for my life. Through courage and curiosity, I reclaimed my wholeness and recollected the pieces of my self I abandoned and didn’t know how to love; all the pain and the stories that came with them, had a place to be acknowledged, loved and accepted. I learned how to forgive my family, and gave them grace for doing the best with what they had. Recognizing they had their own unhealed and unacknowledged pain, their own stories and conditionings. Compassion and understanding washed over as I developed greater awareness into my life. I learned how to transform my pain into purpose. I discovered magic that lives and breathes not just within myself, but in every living thing. My mind shifted, and I saw through a new lens that was filled of opportunity and potential. I became empowered and determined to live a purpose driven life.

connecting the dots

And a purpose driven life  is exactly what I’ve created, continue to create and empower others to create for themselves aswell. I am a full time artist and designer specializing in wearable talismans and elegant hand beaded treasures. I’ve began my own art business in 2015 and my work is dispersed throughout every state in the US and over a dozen countries worldwide. KnotzNLocs is a creative mission intended to inspire authenticity in the art world serve as a reminder that art has the transformative power to heal. Outside of my art career I am an advocate and student of holistic and integrative medicine and after 10 years of personal practice, several alternative healing workshop and trainings, and the completion of my Integrative Nutrition certification granted by The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I began working with clients 1:1 as a holistic wellness mentor and connection coach. The theme of connection is highlighted in all corners of my life and through the quest I’ve been led to create intentional community gatherings that focus on the heart of belonging. These gatherings began in September of 2021 and since then we gather monthly to bring community members together to enjoy house made elixirs & potions, embrace original music and find depth in relationships. Between art, coaching and events I’ve embraced that the theme of connection has guided me. My entire life I’ve looked for meaning, substance, and purpose in everything I do and everything I create. Our story is the fuel for our purpose.

The pursuit of purpose
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