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Embrace the mystical energy of the "Fortuna" talisman, a harmonious fusion of natural beauty and metaphysical prowess. At its core, a captivating Labradorite radiates with iridescence, channeling the ethereal play of light that signifies inner strength and transformation.

The cascading skirt of gemstone beads — Labradorite, Peridot, and Green Calcite — weaves a tapestry of energies. Labradorite, with its reflective depths, invites clarity and intuition. Peridot, a stone of abundance and renewal, aligns with the ever-turning wheel of fortune. Green Calcite, a soothing presence, resonates with the heart's rhythm, grounding the wearer in serenity.

Adorning the talisman are delicate dragonfly wings, symbolizing adaptability, transformation, and the interconnectedness of life. These ethereal wings remind us of the ephemeral nature of existence and the importance of embracing change.

The "Fortuna" talisman is a conduit for the energies of luck, transformation, and balance. As you wear it, may you be reminded that life's journey is a dance, and every twist and turn holds the potential for growth and enlightenment. Allow the dragonfly wings to guide you through the currents of change, and let the gemstones resonate with the symphony of your soul.

May the "Fortuna" talisman be a radiant companion on your path, illuminating the way with the gentle glow of fortune and the transformative power of the dragonfly's wings.

This talisman comes with an adjustable braided hempcord aswell <3

Crafted with upmost love and highest intent <3 


Mycelia Jane


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