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Greetings, Beloved ~

Meet Divinus; an ethereal masterpiece that captures the celestial essence of divine energies. At its heart, a clear quartz crystal takes center stage, radiating clarity and amplifying spiritual vibrations. The pendant, clear quartz, serves as a conduit for higher realms, drawing in and focusing the pure energies of the cosmos.

Gracefully cascading below the pendant, an array of ethereal gemstone beads further enhances the talisman's celestial aura. Aura quartz, with its iridescent sheen, infuses the piece with a sense of enchantment and heightened spirituality. Moonstone beads, known for their connection to lunar energies, bring a gentle and calming influence, promoting intuition and inner wisdom. Additional clear quartz beads amplify the talisman's vibrational frequencies, creating a harmonious resonance.

The inclusion of Botswana agate beads adds grounding and stability to the celestial energies, fostering a balanced connection between the spiritual and earthly realms.

The combination of these gemstones in Divinus aligns with various metaphysical properties:

  • Clear Quartz:

    • Metaphysical Properties: Amplifies energy, enhances clarity of thought, and serves as a versatile tool for energy work and spiritual growth.
  • Aura Quartz:

    • Metaphysical Properties: Carries an uplifting and ethereal energy. Aura quartz is associated with the higher chakras, promoting spiritual insight and connection.
  • Moonstone:

    • Metaphysical Properties: Enhances intuition and spiritual awareness. Moonstone is often linked to the energies of the moon and the divine feminine.
  • Botswana Agate:

    • Metaphysical Properties: Provides grounding and stability while connecting the wearer to the spiritual realms. Botswana agate encourages balance and emotional healing.

Divinus is more than a talisman; it is a celestial bridge, inviting the wearer to access higher states of consciousness and spiritual clarity. With its carefully selected gemstones, this talisman becomes a conduit for divine energies, promoting a harmonious connection between the earthly and the ethereal.

*Talisman is made to be adjustable in length*

Crafted with and from love <3

Mycelia Jane


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