Have you ever wanted a personalized and customized KnotzNLocs adornment that matches your energy, style and taste?

One of my favorite ways to connect with another human is through the art of designing a customized healing talisman that is intended to mirror that person in what they seek.

Intention is the magic and secret ingredient to life; where intention is directed; power is amplified. This is why customized healing amulets are so special, they are rooted in intention for that particular person, in this case- You!

So if you are interested in a personalized KnotZNLocs adornment; this link/listing will set the space. I offer 5 custom order « slots » per month and 50$ is required as a down payment; the 50$ will be deducted from your final price.

weather you are interested in an necklace talisman, earrings, bracelet, charmed clip, rear view mirror hanger, or space holder; I would be honored to help bring your visions and dreams to life.

Some questions to consider to help me better innerstand you, your journey, your goals, your energy and your intentions ~

are you naturally drawn to any stones/gems ? if so, which ones ?

when is your birthday/what is your zodiac ?

what colors stand out to you? symbols ?

what chakra/energy meridian do you feel needs the most support right now?

what are you moving through right now ? what is challenging you?

what inspires you ?

what is a mantra or affirmation that you like to work with?

what color hempcord would you appreciate (black, brown, tan) ?

what are you looking to gain from a handcrafted KnotzNLocs piece ?

what’s your budget ?

by considering these questions; we begin to tune into the energy that we are seeking to manifest through a handmade beaded creation. ponder and reflect on what your custom adornment means to you. there are no wrong answers here; listen to what first comes up for you while you ask yourself some of these questions.

i’m an intuitive healer and sensitive to energy; therefore if you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for; i am happy to channel something special for you.

Once you purchase your slot and exchange your deposit ; i will be contacting you within 48 hours to touch base with you and get a better innerstanding of your visions.

i look forward to connecting deeper with you, thank you for trusting me. thank you for giving me the opportunity to craft you something special; i am excited to work with you!

cheers~ Knotz