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What is KnotzNLocs ?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Warmth & Blessings dearest Beloved ~ Thank you for journeying with me on this creative path. I've always said "connected by creation" and through the years; this has certainly been true. So how did we get here ? And what exactly is KnotzNLocs?

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

KnotzNLocs is a woman-owned and operated adornment shop; focusing on intentional, high power talismanic amulets that are specifically crafted for healing and reflection. Established in 2015, KnotzNLocs was born as a very causal and relaxed crafting endeavor that spread like a wildfire. As high school friends started to branch out and go their own ways, I found peace in making art and exploring new mediums. The immediate and overwhelming support I received from my hometown in Frankfort, IL and surrounding towns was nothing short of a miracle. I hit the ground running, and within my first year exploring macramé, I found myself very occupied with a new found passion.

In 2015, I was just starting out as a full time student at community college, was working 20 hours a week at Starbucks Coffee, volunteering at a nearby prairie conservancy, beginning new and busy creative endeavors, attempting to keep up with relationships with others and, of course, myself. KnotzNLocs was growing by the day and each new day brought more joy and fulfillment into my life. I was just getting started, if you were to ask me in 2015 what my visions were for this small business, I would have never mentioned it being my full time job and career. The path was paving itself, all I had to do was show up as my truest and most authentic self. The early years of KnotzNLocs were very community oriented, I was invited to craft shows, markets and events in the local area, offered crafting workshops at yoga studios & house party classes, I even hosted a craft fair in my backyard and gathered 10+ artists and creators to set up booths at my house and opened up for the public to visit and browse.

KnotzNLocs was a movement that was inspiring the whole area, word-of-mouth connections had people lining up at my door for 'at home pick-ups'; I always joked with my family that the flux of people that would continuously stop by probably made the neighbors think I was selling drugs! (haha)

While the momentum was picking up, I had a life changing realization. I was available to communicate with Starbucks that I was no longer able to work with them due to my second job growing at exponential rates. This life changing decision sling shotted me into massive growth that paved the foundation of where I am at today.

I took a leap of faith and expanded my wings.


As time went on, my passion and presence for my craft was only growing & deepening. I realized that working with my hands and heart had a profound healing impact on my mental health and life at large. I was able to tune out of my mind and breathe into my body as I weaved unique and one of a kind crystal adornments. It was also in divine alignment that I became more familiar with the metaphysical world & energetic language of crystals and stones. I grew a stronger connection with my self and my spiritual journey in my early years of KnotzNLocs, and infused all that yummy and expansive energy into my craft to share. Intention became the name of the knotty game, and the intention of designing high-frequency, activated and empowering healing amulets offered a whole new layer of how special KnotzNLocs was growing into.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

After releasing Starbucks from my life, and finishing my Associates degree in science; I developed quite the travel bug and realized that I can freely travel & just bring my business wherever I go. I left Illinois; where everything began and embarked on a soul searching journey that taught me so much about who I am and what I am capable of. I've made many journeys across the country, from living out of a backpack & hammock, hitch hiking, traveling by public transportation and going with the wind, to living out of my Jeep Cherokee and solo traveling the United States. In 2019 I booked a one way flight to the Big Island of Hawaii with a backpack, minimal clothes and as many beads and stones as I could manage. KnotzNLocs has been with me wherever I go. The jewelry would hold and carry unique energies based on the places that I would visit, and creating a whole experience that touched the hearts and souls of many across the country and world. KnotzNLocs liberated my spirit and opened new worlds and extraordinary doors.

6 years have passed. KnotzNLocs; starting off as a random creative endeavor; transformed into a my life path and true calling. Today, my organic growth has reached over 16 thousand admirers on Instagram, has been shipped to every state in the United States and in several countries world wide. Hundreds of testimonials through the years have confirmed with me that the work I offer this growing community is highly received on many levels and is supporting people as they grow in deeper union with their consciousness and expanding spirit. Intention, attention, passion and quality is what makes KnotzNLocs such a special shop. Through the years I've truly tapped into this craft as a meditative and healing endeavor that is rooted in wellbeing and reflection. Each and every amulet created holds power through crystal properties that are emitted, aswell as the intentions woven into it. A few years ago, as I started to fluently speak the language of crystals, I listened to a calling and started offering 1:1 customized amulets that were specifically created to support people and their healing goals and journey. Through tuning in via call, meeting in person, voice messages, emails and texts; I would open a safe space for people to get vulnerable and speak into their heart. Crafting one of a kind adornments specifically for another persons path is an extremely intimate and powerful experience; this connection gave me even more of a reason to continue designing and weaving medicine totems to share with the people.

The past 6 years of my life have been the most pure and impactful of my whole life thus far. I am continuously learning more about myself and going deeper within my own healing journey, and that energy is inevitably transferred into the work I create. Today, I have found myself back in Frankfort, IL; where it all began. I am filled with gratitude to return to my roots and nourish my connections who gave so much to me through the years. I have been incredibly inspired to travel back and have a refreshed perspective. I have so many new visions that are ready to be birthed, and I look forward to sharing more and more !

Transformation has been a huge inspiration to my flow and my creations since moving back to the suburbs! If you are going through major adjustments and profound recalibration; you're not alone and most likely have been vibing with my most recent offerings !

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

This journey has brought miracles, blessings, lessons, friendship, healing, connection, exploration, wonder, expansion, hope, passion, play and unconditional love. I am deeply grateful for such a vibrant community to weave with. Thank you Soul much for your unwavering support and appreciation- this magic exists because of the people who are magnetized to the mission. Another huge thank you for taking the moment to read and tune into my first blog post, so much more to come!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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Wow it was so delightful to reflect upon your journey and how it all began. This blog was very entertaining to read! I was engaged in every moment. I wish it kept going! Your life‘s journey is so interesting, exciting and deeply inspiring. Being a Knotznlocs supporter from LITERALLY day 1 is such a privilege. I am grateful to say I’ve witnessed your RAPID growth and your ability to stay heart centered and inspired is just so beautiful. I’m looking forward to witness your growth and what the future brings for you! It’s going to be amazing. Can’t wait for the next blog.. 😊


Divya Drishti


Alyssa Nicole
Alyssa Nicole
Oct 21, 2021

This was so beautiful to read. I am honored I got to capture these photographs of you in your element- I could shoot you every day if I had the opportunity! Thanks for sharing your heART and your story with the world sister. You are so loved and supported. Sooooo so so grateful we had the opportunity to meet in Hawaii almost 3 years ago!!! Whew! What a blessing <3 Keep shining sistar - Love You Always,

Lyss xoxoxo


Was such a pleasure reading your truth, sister! Thank you for sharing you heART with the world! It is sooo needed!!

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