The Truth of Abundance

In this day and age, I hear a lot about "manifesting abundance" and "attracting prosperity", but what does that really mean? Since the beginning of the civilized world, enlightened beings have taught that prosperity is a part of the natural process of life- that lavish abundance is the unquestionable nature of each individual. So how did humanity adopt this scarcity mindset many seem to carry on their backs? Why is it that many people do not have sufficient paper or coins to exchange for the goods and services they want and need? Well it's quite simple really, because their consciousness is not attracting, or is literally repelling, the energy of money. It could be that we as a species have given away our power, our precious inner power and awareness of our inner prosperity because somewhere along the societal path- we have been conditioned that the good stuff in life comes from the outside world, and not from within. I'm here to remind you that the opposite is true.

Let us start by inner-standing what 'abundance' is defined by. Abundance is considered the all-sufficiency of supply, a full measure of infinite good. In the invisible, it is the creative energy of God/Source/Substance. In the visible world it is that energy made manifest as money and every other good thing required for a free, juicy and harmonious life in this third dimensional reality. Abundance is our birthright, and once we shift our understanding of that birthright, we will know true Abundance.

The definition of money is a "medium of exchange, a measure of value, a means of payment." There is nothing evil, unspiritual, or too materialistic here. It is essential if we want to shift and raise our consciousness to match the principles of prosperity, then we must refine how we see money. Instead of equating money with greed, selfishness, exploitation and bondage, think of benevolence, generosity, goodwill, and freedom. Explore your relationship and connection to money right now. Do you have an aversion to wealth? Do you object to being rich? Does having money equate to low level beliefs within you? Without attaching yourself to judgement, take a moment to be honest with yourself about what money means to you.

Whether you connect to God/Goddess, Source, Great Mystery, etc- know that your relationship with money is that equal to your relationship to the God figure in your life. Source is omnipresent Wealth, the Infinite Riches of the universe, the lavish abundance of creation. If you find yourself denying unlimited prosperity, you are denying yourself, because YOU are the imagine of omnipresent wealth, the expression of the infinite riches of the universe. By realizing that you and Source are one, you unlock the secret to life. All that this one Presence and Power of the Universe is, you are- and all that this Infinite Mind has, is yours. Above you, around you, in and through you, is You... the Reality of You, and omnipresent Force Field embodying all Love, all Wisdom, all Life, all Substance, all ALL.

You must think of money and any other material desire or possession simply as an outer symbol of the inner supply. If you look to your job, your employer, your spouse, or your investments as the source of your supply. you are cutting off the real Source. In truth, if you look to any human, place or condition for your supply, you are shutting down the flow of prosperous abundance. The Inner Presence- the You of you- is truly the money-maker. Your thinking, reasoning mind is not. Your only Source is the God-Presence within you. Turn within and watch the Inner Presence work. The activity of your Infinite Mind sees and knows only abundance- and in this sea of Knowingness is a spiritual Idea corresponding to every single form, event, circumstance, condition, or experience that you could possibly desire. By keeping your focus on Spirit, you will keep an open channel for the externalization of Spirit according to the Divine idea.

The time must come when you will satisfy a need for money by steadfastly depending on the Master Self Within- and not on anything in the outer world of form. Until you reach this point, you will continue to experience the uncertainties of supply for the rest of your life. Every soul must learn this lesson. You may be experiencing the challenge of lack and limitation at this very moment. Realize that this is the opportunity you have been waiting for to demonstrate the Truth of your birthright. Know that this entire experience is but an illusion, an out picturing of your beliefs, an effect of your consciousness. But i invite you to commit to stop giving any power to the illusion, to the effect. I invite you to cease feeding your consciousness with negative and limiting energy. Take your mind off money and focus and concentrate only on the lavish abundance of divine substance that is forever flowing from that Master Consciousness within you.

I recently began a 40 day prosperity plan from 'The Abundance Book' by John Randolph Price to grow my consciousness and realize my truth source of Abundant Prosperity. Every rising I hydrate, stretch, and commit to a 15 day meditation practice that is focused on the Truth of Abundance. Through this 40 day prosperity plan, I have witnessed my inner space transform with Divine Truth, and in that process i have witnessed my physical, three dimensional world transform in my abundant favor. I encourage you to invest in this pocket sized book for 7$ to radically transform and activate your life and inner wealth, I have truly been blown away by the substance this read and plan offers.

As a trained and educated Integrative Health Coach practitioner, I am offering free 45 minute consultations and am open for 1:1 mentorship and transformational coaching, if you are seeking committed support and additional accountability in your life, I would be honored to assist and uplift you. Please reach out to get connected, I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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