GNOSiS -Alchemical Life Mastery and Transformation Course

Gnosis is officially launched ! So what does that mean? It means that I am now available for 1:1 mentorship and coaching services. I am an alchemist, embodiment coach, wellness practitioner and lifestyle mentor. I’ve been on my own holistic path for just about 10 years now and I study sound therapeutics, ancestral trauma, and health coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I've spent the past handful of years of my life traveling the country, farming on various farms, immersed in communities and cultures that had many lessons for me to learn. I've been on quest of self discovery through the years and it's been become clear to me that I am meant to work alongside people, and support them through various stages of their awakening. I am a full time artist and creator who has dedicated my life's work into designing ceremonial and intentional adornments for inner transformation and healing. Since 2015 i've created thousands of crystal amulets and worked with many people in holding space for their spiritual, emotional, mental goals and have received potent and affirming feedback to continue working with people to support their highest alignment.

Becoming a health coach and wellness mentor to me is an opportunity to encourage self innerstanding and promote mindful living. I am deeply called to work with people who are seeking transformation in their life and who are ready to head their inner calling to reclaim and remember their fullness. The Greek word Gnosis implies a type of knowledge that is derived from experience and it encompasses the whole of a person. That is, it is genuine knowledge of the truth, it is knowledge that is not intellectually understood, but remembered through the body. My intention for launching Gnosis is to offer a path that guides you closer to your innermost truth.

My goal as an alchemical coach and mentor is deeply rooted in supporting you through this evolutionary process of growth. Change and transformation without support may encourage us to turn back and resort to our old patterns and conditionings. With accountability and guidance, I am dedicated to walking this winding path with you and ‘holding the lantern’ as we embrace the unknown side by side. I am here to remind you that you are your own healer and guru, and you hold your keys of transformation. As we work together; we will come up with solutions that are specific to you and your process and that celebrate your individuality. I am dedicated to working with those who are fully ready to meet themselves on all layers, levels and dimensions. Gnosis is a program specifically for those who are prepared to make adjustments, challenge their mindsets and perspectives, try new things, and do the work that is required for you to break free from your programs and deepen your relationship with the sacred dimension of life.

I offer 3 different programs within Gnosis that differ in time frame, price and content. To learn more about Gnosis, I would love to connect 1:1 through a complimentary consultation. Here we will drop in and discuss where you're currently at in your journey, what your wellness goals are how I may be of service to you and your path towards wholeness. I will also share more on my programs, rates and what you can expect from me as a wellness coach and mentor! I am looking forward to connecting with you! Stay Bright, Blessed and Beautiful !

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