Do crystals really have healing powers?

As Einstein showed us, light and matter are just aspects of the same thing. Matter is frozen light; and light is matter on the move. All matter is made up of energetic pulses, the chair you're sitting on, the pen you're writing with, the plant beside you, the earth beneath your feet and the body you reside within all carry their own particular vibration. This is fundamental and important to remember when tuning into the conversation regarding crystals and their energetic influence.

Crystals come in many different shapes and sizes, and different crystals carry their own energetic signature. It's easy to observe the spiritual community at large and conclude that gemstones have "healing powers". But what's really going on here ? From my journey of working with a multitude of different minerals and connecting intimately with them through the past several years, i've found that subtle energetic shifts can be felt and sensed between different gemstones. One of my many perspectives on life is that we are in collaboration with our inner world and outer world; and that relationship effects peoples personalities (personal realities) based on their level of connection. Our mind is a very powerful force; it has the ability to alter our world and our focus & intention influence this personal reality as well. Why is it that one person can hold a rough piece of rose quartz and feel absolutely "nothing" while another person can hold the same piece of rose quartz and have an emotional response, and another person feel a physical sensation and notice their hand tingling. It is the same crystal; yet there are various experiences at play. This seems to say more about the individuals journey than anything else. Is this a placebo effect ? Is this all in our minds? Is it really possible to utilize the power of gemstones to channel energy and direct it with intention towards areas we seek healing? All of these are possible realities.

Do you believe in magic? This simple yet profoundly potent question may be the missing link of the conversation at hand. The power of belief literally changes our experience. To "think" is not the same as to "believe". If we whole heartedly believe that crystals contain absolutely no energetic charge and that we have no ability to work with that energy in any way; it's safe to say that this belief system will contribute to your personal reality. Therefore that personality will not allow for an exchange in energy between crystal to person; thus in that persons perspective it can be perceived that crystals do not contain healing potential. On the other hand; if you are someone who understands that matter is made up of energy, and we are made energy, and perhaps if a person is even sensitive enough with energy to feel the subtle vibration of a gemstone; then that person may be more open to receive the frequency that a particular gemstone may carry. This means it's not a matter of IF crystals contain energy, it's a matter of HOW we engage with those energies and how those energies may influence our own energetic field based on our receptivity and intention.

In my own craft and artistic journey with working with gemstones; I use terminology like "healing amulet". Why is this? I use these words because I am a person who is sensitive to energy; especially in the crystal kingdom. I am a person who has tapped into the subtle energies that crystals emanate and I believe in their power because I can feel it. In that process I utilize my own energy, intentions and affirmations to interact and amplify through the energies that are within gemstones. But its important to note; that if you are one to admire and find attraction to my artwork; although my craft is rooted in intentional healing totems; this medicine will only be available to connect with if you choose to be open to it. If you are closed off; the energy and intentions will not resonate with your own frequency.

So it seems it is not a conversation of "do crystals have healing powers", but it is a question of; now that we know crystals contain energy, how will we connect? We are more powerful than we truly know. By opening our hearts and spirit to the world of the unseen; we enter a world of possibility and wonder. If you are new to gemstones, I encourage you to stay curious and open to the subtle and sometimes strong energies that can be felt while working with gemstones. Be intentional with how you choose to perceive this existence. Life is far more magical than what it's advertised as~~~

~ With Love, Kulani Jane

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