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These stunning garnet earrings, crafted with antiqued brass, are a beautiful blend of vintage charm and timeless sophistication. Each earring showcases a rich and vibrant garnet gemstone elegantly suspended from an antiqued brass earwire. The deep red hues of the garnet exude a sense of warmth and passion, capturing attention with their captivating beauty.


The antiqued brass setting adds an exquisite touch of old-world allure to these earrings. The intricate details and weathered finish of the brass evoke a sense of antiquity and vintage elegance, perfectly complementing the deep red tones of the garnet gemstones.


Garnet is known as the stone of passion and vitality, symbolizing love, strength, and energy. It is believed to inspire devotion, enhance sensuality, and ignite the fires of creativity. Garnet is also associated with grounding and protection, helping to ward off negativity and promote feelings of stability and security.


As you adorn yourself with these garnet earrings, you invite the energizing and revitalizing properties of garnet into your life. The passionate energy of garnet fuels your creative endeavors and ignites your inner flame. Embrace the deep-rooted connections to love, strength, and protection that garnet brings, empowering you to express your truest self with confidence and grace.

garnet ornatia

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