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Gnosis (-g·no·sis): From Greek γνῶσις. Knowledge.

Alchemical life mastery and transformation course.

Greetings and welcome! My name is Celia Jane, also commonly known as Kulani Jane. I am an alchemist, embodiment coach, wellness practitioner and lifestyle mentor. I’ve been on my own holistic path for 10 years now and study sound therapeutics, shamanism, ancestral trauma, body focused repetitive behaviors and health coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


I am deeply passionate about working with people who are seeking transformation in their life and who are ready to head their inner calling to reclaim and remember their fullness. The Greek word Gnosis implies a type of knowledge that is derived from experience and it encompasses the whole of a person. That is, it is genuine knowledge of the truth, it is knowledge that is not intellectually understood, but remembered through the body. 


This course is a path that guides you closer to your innermost truth. I offer a free 45 minute consultation call to set our space, get to know one another, innerstand your unique wellness goals, and together we will decide whether or not we are a good match to work together through one of my programs. 

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