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Greetings beauitful !

Meet Terra Sacra;  a captivating embodiment of ancient energies and sacred connections. At its core lies a magnificent ammonite fossil, a testament to the Earth's prehistoric history. Within the fossil's ancient chambers, delicate Mother of Pearl is intricately set, creating a mesmerizing interplay of organic textures and iridescent hues.

Dangling gracefully below the pendant, a fossilized array of beads further enhances the talisman's unique charm. Ammonite beads echo the central theme, bringing the energy of ancient wisdom and transformation. Petrified wood beads ground the talisman in earthly energies, offering stability and a connection to the natural world. Mother of Pearl, repeated from the pendant, adds a gentle and soothing energy, promoting harmony and balance. Fossilized shell beads complete the ensemble, encapsulating the essence of timelessness and the cyclical nature of existence.

The combination of these fossilized elements in Terra Sacra aligns with various metaphysical properties:

  • Ammonite:

    • Metaphysical Properties: Symbolizes ancient knowledge, transformation, and growth. Ammonite is often associated with the cyclical nature of life and the journey of evolution.
  • Petrified Wood:

    • Metaphysical Properties: Grounds the wearer in the energies of the Earth, providing stability and fostering a strong connection to nature.
  • Mother of Pearl:

    • Metaphysical Properties: Represents soothing and nurturing energies. Mother of Pearl is associated with emotional balance, harmony, and protection.
  • Fossilized Shell:

    • Metaphysical Properties: Symbolizes the connection to the primordial seas and the eons of existence. Fossilized shell carries the energy of both water and earth elements.

Terra Sacra is more than a talisman; it is a bridge to the past, a reminder of the Earth's sacred history, and a source of grounding and spiritual connection. With its fossilized elements and carefully chosen beads, this talisman becomes a wearable relic, inviting the wearer to connect with the timeless energies of the Earth.

*Talisman is adjustable in legnth*

Crafted with so much love

-Mycelia Jane-

terra sacra

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