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vie, 25 mar


Orland Park

Kickback & Connect

Join Kulani and Samantha for another Kickback & Connect celebration ! For this evening we will be participating in a Cacao Ceremony, Meditation and Shamanic Sound Journey, Mushroom Elixir, Eye Gazing Workshop, Networking & Connecting, Ecstatic Dance, and Jam Circle !

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Kickback & Connect
Kickback & Connect

Horario y ubicación

25 mar 2022, 17:00 – 22:30

Orland Park, Orland Park, IL, USA


Acerca del evento

Warm greetings! We are so pleased to announce another Kickback and Connect event with this special community. Thank you for making it to this event page! If you've been to a kickback before, welcome back! If not; I'd like to set the stage for what you can expect by attending! A "kickback" is a term Kulani adopted to describe a consious group of people together in a relaxed, heart opened manner. This evening is intended to bring community members together to connect, embrace, network, relate and be together. We need community, we are social species by nature and we believe that community is medicine and plays an important role in our health.

This Kickback Connect event will be held at Samanta's home in Orland Park. Samantha is a intuitive transformational guide and radical awakenings alchemist, providing people transformational journeys to connect to their bodies, hearts and spirits on a deeper level. Sharing her unique gifts  of alchemizing people's pain and struggles into their golden asssets through the spirit of Cacao. Samanta and myself share a passion, calling and purpose of holding space for people to come together to heal and grow. Myself, Kulani Jane am a story teller, explorer of inner and outer worlds, mycophile (mushroom lover), heARTist, aspiring health coach and holistic practioner and advocate for wellness and connection. Both Samanta and myself offer unqiue gifts and medicine for our community, we are excited and grateful to have the pleasure and opportunity for kicking back with you and stregthening our community.

This Friday we have a few activities we are excited to faciliate with you. Samanta will be offering a cacao ceremony for us, as she has just returned back from Costa Rica & Guatamala on a 2 week imersive cacao journey. Cacao is a sacred plant found in Central and South America. Its seeds are used for the making of cacao beans, cacao butter and chocolate. The natural plant medicine has been used for thousands of years in the Mayan culture of South America for medicinal, spiritual and ceremonial purposes. Cacao aims at gently touching and opening up the emotional center of our body - our heart chakra. The medicine works specifically by bringing us back to the feeling of love, oneness and connection. We turn into our true and authentic selves, and are able to listen deep within to the deepest callings of our heart. This opens up the space to deeply connect to our higher path, our innermost self,  and those around us as we tap into the profound power and wisdom stored within.

Myself, Kulani am excited to brew up another mushroom potion with you. Except this time; i'm keeping it a secret! You'll have to join us to taste what i've been brewing up ;) First and foremost; to be very clear- the mushrooms i am serving in our elixir are non-pyschoactive and strickly functional and medicinal. Mushrooms are often misunderstood medicine totems; they’re not a plant, and they’re not an animal; but they’re something in-between. Mushrooms are a whole kingdom in and of themselves- the fungal kingdom! While it’s true that there are some mushrooms that have toxic properties, it’s important to inner stand that there are a wide variety of mushrooms that have incredible health enhancing properties; such as the ones we will be enjoying tonight ! We will specifically be working with 8 mushroom healers; Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Oyster, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Chaga and Cordyceps. Each mushroom contains unique healing benefits; although generally speaking these mushrooms are anti-tumor, anti-immflamatory, anti-microbial, support the immune system to function properly, asset in brain health and cognitive function, help balance blood sugar, are a natural source of energy, and help to prevent cancers from forming. Mushrooms have been integrated into humans diet for ages, especially in asian cultures- although they’ve also been getting more recognition for their incredible healing potential in recent years. Mushrooms are great allies for grounding our energy into the earth. Just as the mycelium spreads throughout underground landscapes, connecting, uniting, networking and pulsing with information- when we connect with these medicine teachers; we have access to this connection and information and can ground into our body, through our breath and integrate the wisdom, support and blessings of the shroom spirits.

In addition to working with Cacao and Mushroom medicine, we also have activites such as meditiation, eye gazing, consious networking, estatic dance, and a jam circle session. There will be time to mix and migle inbetween activities aswell! 

We are truly so excited to reunite with this beautiful community. Please arrive around 5PM and no later that 6PM, bring your presence, your authenticity, your truth, and your breath. We look forward to Being with you.

Cannabis friendly gathering, although we just ask you smoke outside of the space and into the fresh air :)

If any questions or concerns arise, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kulani or Samanta to be supported!

Address will be given once ticket has been purchased !


  • 1 hora


    Samanta's Home

  • 30 minutos

    Opening Circle

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