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Sold Separately - Elevate your style with enchanting Zip Clips, each infused with unique energies. Attach them to any clip or zipper for an added touch of magic!

  1. Black - Tourmaline: A protective powerhouse, Black Tourmaline shields against negativity, psychic attacks, and electromagnetic pollution. Different tourmaline colors offer specific properties, like grounding energy for black, creative abundance for green, and emotional healing for pink. It balances chakras, bolsters self-confidence, and aids transformation.
  2. Red - Garnet: The energy and passion of Garnet resonate with the root chakra, enhancing vitality and grounding. It inspires courage, fosters connections, and acts as a protective talisman against negativity, infusing strength and security.
  3. Orange - Sunstone: Radiate positivity with Sunstone, a gem of warmth and illumination. Aligned with the sacral chakra, it fuels creativity, emotional balance, and self-expression, bringing joy and alleviating stress.
  4. Yellow - Citrine: Attract abundance and positivity with Citrine, a "success stone" that boosts confidence, dispels negativity, and amplifies energy. It stimulates the solar plexus chakra, fostering motivation and a brighter outlook on life.
  5. Green - Calcite: Nurturing Green Calcite, linked to the heart chakra, promotes emotional healing, forgiveness, and positive change. It connects with nature, enhancing vitality and inner equilibrium for holistic well-being.
  6. Dark Green - Jade: Jade embodies abundance and harmony, promoting emotional healing and spiritual growth. Its protective aura brings serenity, luck, and a heart-centered energy that fosters love and compassion.
  7. Teal - African Turquoise: This stone of transformation inspires positive change and self-discovery, offering a bridge between spiritual insights and practical actions. Its calming energy encourages tranquility.
  8. Blue - Apatite: Stimulate intellect and communication with Blue Apatite, aligned with the throat chakra. Its optimistic energy uplifts, clears communication, and ignites passion for personal transformation.
  9. Grey - Labradorite: The enchanting Labradorite awakens intuition and inner magic, deflecting negativity while enhancing spiritual insight. It promotes self-discovery, reflection, and embracing authenticity.
  10. Purple - Amethyst: A protector of mind and spirit, Amethyst soothes and purifies. Its royal purple color enhances spiritual awareness, meditation, and deeper understanding of life's mysteries.
  11. Clear - Quartz: Clear Quartz, the "Master Healer," amplifies energy and intention. It's a versatile gem that enhances mental clarity, balances chakras, and directs positive energies for healing and growth.
  12. White - Moonstone: Embrace new beginnings with Moonstone, a gem associated with the moon's cycles. It balances emotions, enhances intuition, and nurtures a sense of calmness and inner peace.

Each Zip Clip holds a unique energy, making it not just an accessory, but a personal talisman on your journey.

Zip Clip

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