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السبت، 06 مايو



Kickback of the Dreamer

Since ancient times people have seen dreams as portals for receiving wisdom from the Gods. Dreams have been regarded as archetypal expressions and psychic impulses from the origin of our mind. Join us 5/6 for a lucid journey through the dreamscape of our minds, a sonic sound bath, and potion magic ~

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Kickback of the Dreamer
Kickback of the Dreamer

الوقت والموقع

06 مايو 2023، 5:00 م – 10:00 م

Lemont, 218 Main St, Lemont, IL 60439, USA


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Greetings Kickbackers ! Join us 5/6 for another journey at The Mercurium. This kickback is all about accessing the dreamscape and finding deeper connection within ourselves and through our community surrounding the magic and mystery of Dreams and their role in our lives.

The Dreaming.. may be understood as the "timeless time" of formative creation and perpetual creating. The archetypal imagery woven in the depths of our mind can give us clues, a lot of the times derived from the energy within our organs and thought centers in the body. These mystical impressions and symbols are perhaps the map to the very cosmology of our being. Dreams do not need to be understood by the mind in order to perform their function. 

Whether we are discussing dreams, hallucinations, day dreams, visions, nightmares or lucid dreams- we see there is an undeniable theme of the unconscious realm seeking union within the waking world. This unconscious aspect of the psyche invite us into relationship through our dreams and imagination. Bringing awareness, curiosity, and engaging with these vast and limitless landscapes can provide us with an opportunity to live our lives with a deeper understanding of our whole soul, often referred to as the Self, which can remind us of our innate connection to one another.

John and Mycelia, fellow Dream walkers seek to curate a space where we can unite in the lucid landscapes of our minds as a community, just as our ancestors did. Ancient people used to utilize the dreamworld as oracles, massagers, and divination tools. Together we will dive into the unknown and explore the hidden realities of our unconscious mind. Through our evening together, we will experience an active imagination session, a dream share circle, a super sonic sound journey, journaling/reflection time, tools and tips for dream recall, and enjoy specialty elixirs and potions designed to induce lucid and dream like states.

Don't miss this special evening of depth, connection, and mystery.

We begin promptly at 5pm. Doors open at 4pm and we encourage you to arrive between 4-4:30pm to get comfortable and grounded before we begin.

See you there~

~Stay Mercurious ~


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